100% Pure Wood Vinegar 500ml
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Brand Happy Harvest
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 7 cm x 17 cm
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  • 100% organic & natural
  • Non-diluted
  • High in acetic acid
  • pH < 3
  • For garden, home and personal care

Happy Harvest Pure Wood Vinegar is a pyroligneous acid, an aqueous liquid produced from slow pyrolysis of wood, also called Mokusaku. The liquor is decanted from sedimentation tar expressed from Malaysia tropical rainforest wood. Our wood vinegar is pure, non-diluted and made from mixed biomass that contains beneficial phenols which suits agricultural, home as well as personal care applications.

Mokusaku-eki compounds possess both anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties which are excellent as natural preservatives which is non toxic.

As an organic fungicide [20ml per 1L of water], studies from Korea have shown that wood vinegar acts as an effective anti-fungal against certain plant pathogens. This included root rot & soil bourne diseases, wood vinegar can be applied after drying and replacing potted soil. The same can also be used to treat fungal infections or cut wounds on the skin. However, note there will be a burning sensation and is for external use only. 

As an organic repellent and insecticide [20ml per 1L of water], in Thailand, wood vinegar is widely used to repel plants as well as household insects. The strong pungent charred odour has repelling effects to rodents, birds and insects, whereas the wood tar oil presence in the liquid as toxic to certain crop insects as well as slug-type pests. As an insecticide, it is highly effective against aphids, egglaying psyllids, flies, ticks, fleas and mites. However, it's efficacy against beetles may not be as high.

As an organic herbicide [50-100ml per 1L water], on a high dose, the wood vinegar will kill plant cells and could be used to control broad leaf weeds by means of foliar burns. It is not systemic which will inhibit further weed growth but is non-toxic and organic means of control.

As a growth enhancer [5ml per 1L water], the wood vinegar could be used as a foliar fertilizer that helps stimulate growth and improve soil fertility by using a low dose, ratio of 1:200 

As a surface sanitizer or shoe deoderizer [20ml per 1L of water], the wood vinegar is an effective anti-microbial and can be used in a bottled spray or mixed in a bucket to mop the floor.

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